I'm an indie author located in Seattle, WA. I write nonfiction, urban fantasy, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. My book, Emerald City Dreamer, is now available on Amazon Kindle and print.

My book Recovering Agency is also available at all online sellers of books and ebooks.

Here you will find information on autism,  con recaps, social justice issues, and random insights on anything I find interesting. Which is just about everything. I try really hard to say things that haven't been said before.

Specific political issues are a dark temptation of mine, but are off-topic here.  I vent those on Twitter and another blog.  Here I try to limit such posts to high-level political philosophy or geek-relevant political topics, like cons and the internet. I'll skip all the things in the middle.

I am an accidental expert on mind control and fairies, so my posts will be tinged with that background. And somehow, I ended up a feminist (who knew), so you'll find some posts on that topic laying around. It doesn't make me a bad person, I promise.

My other published works include:

Make Willing the Prey (prequel to Emerald City Dreamer)
Guardian at the Gate
Four Fae

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