My new nonfiction book, Recovering Agency: Lifting the Veil of Mormon Mind Control, was released on July 22nd. For more information, please visit

Currently, you can purchase my fiction books on Amazon for Kindle.  (If you don't have a Kindle...) Emerald City Dreamer and Recovering Agency are also in print.

The Dreams by Streetlight series is set in a modern world filled with faeries, and tells the continuing story of Sandy and Jina, who fight faeries.

Book one, Emerald City Dreamer is an urban fantasy set in Seattle.  Jina is a rock star and a faerie hunter, who users music as her weapon.  But she is a dreamer, so her music also attracts and feeds the fae.  As she finds herself falling in love with an elf, conflicts with Sandy escalate.  Enemies begin to gather, and Jina must make a choice between loyalty and what she believes.

The prequel, Make Willing the Prey (Book Zero), falls closer to the horror genre.  When a faerie plays a wicked game, Sandy and Jina find themselves trapped in an abandoned house where they are at the mercy of his illusions and spells.  They must master control of their own minds to escape this dark and unexpected hollow of Tir Nan Og.


Guardian at the Gate is a science fiction short story, an upbeat cyberpunk adventure through a fantasy game world. Van (aka Zornon the Devastator) has helped to create a new world within a world. But his most recent code patch has caused a bit of havoc, unlocking a puzzle that isn't just a game. Van's friends must strike a bargain with the Guardian at the Gate.