Friday, July 16, 2010

Too busy to blog?

The life of a full time writer is apparently a very busy one. I've been so busy with editing and marketing that I haven't had time to blog. :)

I've been studying all the methods for self-publishing ebooks. I really want to avoid spamming, but also somehow need to build momentum. This is the quandary all indie authors face.

Today I'm going to a writer's group for self-publishers. I've also found a few possible workshop-style writer's groups, so I can critique and be critiqued. This will be especially important as I write entirely new pieces. For now, I've just been editing stories that have already been through a workshop in one way or another.

My horror novella is coming along quite well. I'm pleased with how I've revitalized the plot. It was a lot of work, but I think it was worth it. I should finish the finale scenes today (barring interruption) and then the second draft will be done! I'm sure it will need one more round of minor edits, a review from the family, and then another round of major edits, then to Amazon it goes!

Last week I posted about how I'd published one of my stories, but I don't think I included any links. Which is folly. This week I improved the description and lowered the price to $.99. Just 99 cents! Well, it's short, and it's my first story, so y'all get a discount:
Guardian at the Gate by Luna Lindsey

Van (aka Zornon the Devastator) has helped to create a new world within a world. But his most recent code patch has caused a bit of havok, unlocking a puzzle that isn't just a game. Pretend fantasy becomes real, and Van's friends must strike a bargain with the Guardian at the Gate .

Guardian at the Gate
is a lighthearted novelette available on Kindle books for only 99 cents.

Oh, and I almost forgot! I made my first sale this week too! I've sold two copies. That's a grand total of $.70 gross profit! I'm on my way now for sure. ;)

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