Monday, April 16, 2012

New Cover for Make Willing the Prey

Make Willing the Prey had an old cover, and while it was good enough, I wanted something updated and in-line with my Dreams by Streetlight series.  In other words, it needed to match Emerald City Dreamer.  But since this is a prequel, and a bit more scary than Urban Fantasy is supposed to be, I also wanted it to say, "Horror".  Hopefully I've pulled that off here.

I used stock photos that I paid a few bucks for over at  I used the Gimp for the background art, and Inkscape for the layout.  Inkscape worked out much better in almost every way than my last tool, Scribus. Overall, the project took around six hours, and an extremely low level of skill.

I will be uploading it tonight, so the book should be refreshed tomorrow.

Here is the old cover, since I can't throw anything away:

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