Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 Accomplishments - 2014 Goals

What a year. In reviewing my goals from last year, looks like I got way off track, but I'm very pleased with what I accomplished.

This year, I:
One reason I didn't accomplish all of my 2013 goals is because of that little sidetrack. It's a book I had thought about writing based on my mind control website in 2005, forgotten about, and then on a whim decided to crank it out "real quick". The effort took 7 months (with distractions in between). It is currently out to alpha readers.

Emerald City Iron made it through the writer's group, and is ready for the next round of edits, when I can get to it.

I have a bunch of stories to submit, and one in particular is totally publishable. It's been rejected twice, both with a personal note from the editor, so I know it will sell. I just have to get it, and the others, out there. I set the bar pretty high for myself. I currently only submit stories to pro-paying markets until those venues are exhausted, and then I might send it to semi-pro markets. My time and splines are fairly limited, so I'd rather spend time aiming at high targets, being a perfectionist, and working on totally unplanned projects. ;)

So my goals for this year:
  • Publish Recovering Agency in print and ebook.
  • Market Recovering Agency, including launching a new website and giving interviews.
  • Be a panelist at Radcon again.
  • Be invited as a visiting pro at another con for 2015. Norwescon would be nice.
  • Speak at Defcon.
  • Speak elsewhere, either a seminar, or Exmormon Foundation, or some convention related to cults or religion, on the topic of mind control.
  • Write a whole bunch of blog posts on autism and mind control.
  • Release Emerald City Iron.
  • Complete a major step in a novel: Either write the first draft of the next Dreams by Streetlight book or the second draft of The Sun Never Rises.
  • Sell two stories to pro-paying markets. I'd really love to sell to an anthology.
If that seems like alot, it's because it is. So we'll see. :) There's a significant chance I will be caught up in marketing Recovering Agency for many months. It's already generated plenty of interest. I need to be okay with dropping many of the above goals in trade for promoting a book that could really help people. And maybe pay some bills in the process.

So here's to 2014. May it be a very good year for all of us.


  1. Hey Luna,

    Are you aware that your sale to Crossed Genres makes you eligible for a Campbell Award in 2014 and 2015? (As far as I can figure, anyway - the rules are slightly confusing.)

    There are some folks at who will put you on a list of eligible authors if you email them.

    1. Oh wow, thanks for giving me the head's up. I read the list of quals and thought that was an "And" not an "Or", and Crossed Genres isn't an SWFA yet. :) Thanks for pointing this out and I will contact them.

      Looks like I need to focus on selling short stories this year! :)

    2. Oh and congrats on your eligibility!

  2. You did accomplish a lot last year. These are great accomplishments and new goals for this year! I got excited just reading both lists.

    I had a special interest "information consumption" a few years ago about NPL and mind control. Your story and plan about mind control are of great intrigue to me. :-)

    I have a book that I hope to finish editing this year. It was my goal last year, but I had "life experiences" that needed my attention that were more important. I did finally get my author bio up on Amazon recently, that was a goal for last year. :-)

    Can't wait to see what you share.

    1. Thanks, Angel. Mind control and cults are very fascinating, and they go well with my interests in ethical persuasion, religion, psychology, and culture.

      Here's to a great year for both of us!