Tuesday, February 13, 2018

RadCon 7b Schedule

Heading to RadCon this weekend. Looking forward to geeking out about all my favorite topics with fellow nerds in front of rooms full of people.

I hope to see you there!

Radcon Feb 16-18, 2018

Understanding the Fairies of Mythology
Using folklore and mythology, this panel will help you understand the most interesting characters in fairy tales, and the fairies themselves.
Fri 3:15-4:15p – Rm 2209
With: Kaye Thornbrugh, Tammy Tripp, Ty Hulse

Self-care for the HSP
What is a highly sensitive person (HSP), and what are the gifts and challenges of being HSP? How can one design a life that works with the gifts while staying balanced and healthy?
Fri 5:45-6:45p – Rm 2203
With: Jeanette Bennett, Judy Johnson, Tamra Excell

Consent, Coercion, and Everything In-between
Does playful coercion violate consent? When has the bridge between playful and abusive been crossed? We will discuss the importance of communication, and how without it even the happiest of situations can turn into a psychological mess.
Fri 9:30-10:30p – Rm 2209
With: Amanda Baldwin, Bruce Kenoyer II, Craig Jackson, Kevin Wiley, Tamra Excell

Writing Mind Control
Your villain runs a creepy cult. Your protagonist chooses to remain in an abusive relationship. Your antagonist is a manipulative con artist. A side character is a cult exit counselor. What can transform an intelligent skeptic into a Koolaid-drinker? No magic, truth serums, hypnotic chants, or hand-waving required. Learn the real science behind cults, cons, and coercion for writing realistic mind control.
Sat 9:00a-10:00a – Rm 2203
With: Frog Jones, Jaleta Clegg

Integrating Regional Settings into your work
SF and fantasy aren't tied to a region, right? We all know that fantasy is faux European and SF is...well, out in space, right? Actually, not so much. How to apply the region and setting you know and love to your science fiction and fantasy writing and have fun doing it.
Sat 11:30a-12:30p – Rm 2207
With: Esther Jones, Frances Pauli, Frog Jones, Joyce Reynolds-Ward

Empaths, Synesthetes, & Other Super Powers
What does science tell us about empathic abilities, synesthesia, and other multi-sensory ways of perceiving - and interacting with - the world? Explore the benefits and challenges experienced by people with these “super powers”. Be ready to share. Excellent opportunity for writers crafting a character with one or more of these traits.
Sat 2:00-3:00p – Rm 2203
With: Jaleta Clegg, John Alexander, Joyce Reynolds-Ward, Tamra Excell

Creativity Gadgets: The Most Useful Technologies for Writers
Technology is distracting – the bane of the modern writer's existence. Yet technologies also give us a wealth of tools that great writers of the past would have killed their favorite character for. From idea generators to Scrivener, from Panlexicon to productivity apps. From story dice, to Pinterest, to Wikipedia, to streaming music services, to distraction blockers, to name databases, to tablets and smart phones. And finally, once the story is finished, tools can help you sell stories! How can modern technology, both electronic and analog, help writers generate new ideas, stay productive, and streamline the writing process for maximum quality and productivity? Bring a notepad (or your iPad) to jot down the dozens of new gadgets, apps, and websites to try!
Sat 3:15-4:15p – Rm 2203
With: Adriane Ceallaigh, Crissy Moss, Jeanette Bennett, Scott James Magner

Writing, Fiction, and the Mind
Panels frequently address the "hows" of writing, but what about the "whys"? What is it about story that keeps people coming back for more? It turns out, narratives aren't just frivolous and fun. Come learn what every writer should on why we crave narrative and how it helps us function.
Sat 9:30-10:30p – Rm 2205
With: Manny Frishberg, Frog Jones, Rhiannon Louve, Sanan Kolva

The Science of Believing
Lots of people believe in things that are, or aren't, real. Not everyone can be right, but everyone thinks they are. As humans, we cling to our convictions as if they were life preservers. Why do we believe things, even when those things are strange or unpopular? And why is it so hard to face being wrong? Science has studied these questions and come up with interesting answers. Come learn about cognitive dissonance theory, cognitive biases, the levers of influence, and mental shortcuts that leave all of us ready to defend our beliefs, sometimes even to the death.
Sun 2:00-3:00p – Rm 2309
With: G. David Nordley, John Alexander, Joyce Reynolds-Ward, Judy Johnson

I'll be signing and selling books in the Authors Alley on Sunday at 12pm. (Location TBD.)

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