Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Indie Urban Fantasy Roundup

It's been a while since I posted on here.  I have been writing, and I have been blogging.  Since my August post, I have written 116,000 words of novel (two novels).  And I've been blogging twice-monthly over at Indie Urban Fantasy.  The goal was to link an excerpt from each one, in a separate post, around the time of the original posting, but... well... Writing two novels in three months is one of the best excuses I have ever had.

So here's the roundup.

A three-part series on faeries:

The Science of Faeries Part 1
The Science of Faeries Part 2
The Science of Faeries Part 3

Urban Fantasy is the New Folktale:
Folktales in the past did not always begin "Once upon a time, in a land far away". When medieval German mothers told their children tales, they often began, "Just down the road by the old church, there lives a witch", or "When I was as old as you, I met a dwarf in the woods."...
Argentina Gnome - Creepy Reality? Or Just a Hoax?
In 2008, the small town of Guemes, Argentina gained notoriety when The Sun (UK) reported that a gnome had been captured on film. According to The Sun, locals had been plagued by this little gnome for some time.  The boys who captured this video were minding their own business when they heard a sound, as if someone where throwing rocks.  When Jose Alvarez, who had been playing around with his phone camera, saw a movement in the grass, he pointed it towards the sound.  And that's when he captured the gnome...
A humorous post about supernatural NaNoWriMo participants, Interview with a NaNoWriPire:
As you all know, Belle Art ran a popular late-night paranormal podcast. She disappeared last June under mysterious circumstances, along with every copy of every podcast she ever recorded. These transcripts survive. They were of a show taken exactly one year ago, today...
For a very special Thanksgiving post, featuring infinite turkeys, finite unicorns, Zeus, and how they are related, see A Toast to The Copious Cornucopia of Ancient and Modern Folktales

And most recently, last week in fact, I wrote about Mind Control, Mystical Mesmerism, and Other Magical Compulsions, in which I explore all the methods a modern-day fantasy character might use to force you against your will. 

Up next, a roundup of all the short stories I have written for the Indie Urban Fantasy Newsletter.  But you'll have to wait until tomorrow. :)

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