Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Urban Fantasy Short Stories Roundup

Indie Urban Fantasy has a monthly newsletter.  You can sign up here, and read the archives here.

I've been writing short stories there every month since August.  All but one all are set in my fae world, the same as Make Willing the Prey and my work in progress, Emerald City Dreamer and Emerald City Hunter.  In fact, two of the characters, Jett and Perstin, are both in Emerald City Dreamer.

Some of these are whimsical and some fall into the creepy/scary category.  That's just how faeries are.

Right After Feeding Time
Vivian is a crazy cat lady and a witch.  Will her powers protect her when she meddles with forces she does not understand?
The Thief at 619
Perstin is a pygsie with a penchant for painting.  But the supplies he uses aren't exactly his...
The Metro Gnome
Buses are the perfect place for gnomes who love books. Too bad nobody ever reads anymore.
Cold Hunger
It lives in the woods, and it is always hungry.
I hope you enjoy!


  1. Cool, I really like the titles. I put my story Phantom Data up on So far it has worked out but having other options is always a bonus

    1. Thanks. :) It's too bad the links to the stories don't work anymore. Eventually, I will try to publish these elsewhere. Thanks for stopping by. :)